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Who is the Boss?

Who is the boss in your organization? Is it you? Or, the founder? Or, the CEO? Well, they are just the titular bosses; in today’s INTERNET driven world, the real boss is the client. And a Client demands that you understand him/ her, well, and personalize your product according to his/ her needs.

Here is a short infographic that shows what modern Chief Information Officers (CIOs) do to satisfy their boss: the clients or customers. Since, a CIO is a person who handles IT in an organization, it sheds light on the most important piece of software for any organization: a Customer relationship management/ CRM software. (84% of CIOs, surveyed, are investing on insight and intelligence on their clients, which is an important feature of a modern CRM software.)

To summarize, here are the major points that should make your customers happy:

  • Customer experience
  • Using Analytics for personalization (Analytics is an important feature of a modern CRM software)
  • People skills (how staffs deal with clients)

Apart from these, you may also consider making your customers a partner in your organizational decisions by leveraging social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Clients value an organization that values their opinions.

So, how do you make your Boss happy?

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