Traveling Light 101: For Women

You know you’ve got a problem traveling light when you pay excess baggage fee every single time you travel. Every single time! You’ve tried to pack light, sure, but, how do you select between a hair dryer and a straightener when you need them both? Between spending time to pack all those tops and the matching accessories that go with it, nobody has the time to weigh the luggage! It’ll all just have to fit in.

But, no, no. It doesn’t have to be that way, anymore.

1. Travel specific luggage
If you are a frequent traveler, you might consider investing in a few custom made travel products for your needs. For example, instead of carrying the entire bottle of shampoo (conditioner, body lotion, hair mousse, etc.), you can get a little travel kit with small bottles that can be refilled as required. You can also exchange your normal possessions with travel custom alternatives wherever possible – smaller straighteners, smaller bottles of hairspray and sun block, etc. Shops that specialize in travel products will always carry mini items of all kinds. Not only will these occupy less space, and help you to travel light, but they also look incredibly adorable.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles
Littles Bottles of Necessity

Photo: Flickr

2. Revamp your Vanity Kit
This is another investment for the purpose of travel (that can be used at other times, as well). Put together a personal, portable makeup kit consisting of only the most frequently used, most essential and most neutral products – in the smallest quantities possible. Put them in a neat little bag and you won’t need to carry the whole vanity case.

Travel Vanity Kit
That should be enough…

Photo: Flickr

3. Neutral/Universal colors
Don’t carry all your accessories and make up. Try to carry the few that are universal and neutral enough to blend with all your outfits. The most simple universal colors are black, white, gray, navy blue, silver, gold and shades. It is simpler to carry one pair of black pumps rather than the red, purple, orange, and blue ones as well.

Neutral Color Eyeshadow palettes
Covers it all.

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4. Outfit Multipliers
If you’re like me, you hate repeating your outfits within a short span of time, and that’s why you carry 22 outfits on a 10-day-trip. Instead, it is more advisable to carry different layers of clothing and use them as outfit multipliers. This way, you’ll be creating different outfit combinations without looking like you’re repeating clothes. The trick is to keep the focus off the bottom wear so that you can repeat your pants and skirts.  You can pair these with a few cover ups and brightly colored tank tops. Another advantage here is, clothes that are meant to be layered are made of thin material and are no weight at all.

LBD and a Blue Blazer
What better than an LBD that goes with all your blazers?

Photo: Flickr

5. Launder your clothes
Quite simply that. There is no need to carry so many clothes when you can just send them for laundry. If that is too expensive, wash the most necessary clothes (and the delicates) in your room and use a hair dryer to quickly dry them. As an alternative to detergent, you can use the hotel shampoo, which will work as a mild detergent, won’t harm the clothes, and your clothes will smell nice afterwards.

With these few tips, you can now travel light, and light-headed, without having to worry (much) about carrying your heavy suitcase in your expensive stilettos.

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