To be captive, or not to be.

1) Safari:

Pronunciation: /səˈfɑːri/
noun (plural safaris)

An expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat

2) Zoo:

Pronunciation: /zuː/

An establishment which maintains a collection of wild animals, typically in a park or gardens, for study, conservation, or display to the public.


As a child, I’d always loved visiting the zoo. Just looked at the animals for hours together; it would never tire me out. I don’t think I realized until today, when I actually went on a trip to the sanctuary when guilt really hit me.

Did you know that as much we enjoy seeing them in a zoo, they’re still little babies separated from their family? Did you know they’re lonely little things and that they die prematurely?

Did you know animals in zoo are trained and not educated? Much like our schools you say? That’s alright. Just like us, if they ever need to be back in the wild, they won’t fit in. It’s much like someone from an urban population trying to fit into a village, no matter how much you try you’re still an outsider.

Did you also know their space is constrained? What would you do if you were to only be confined at your house and the outside world would walk around you cheering and hooting? Wouldn’t you be annoyed too? They’re much like us, these animals. So much like us whether you’d believe it or choose not to.

What would you do if your little home in which you’re deemed to spend the rest of your life in is only cleaned when your maid wants to clean it? You wouldn’t like it much would you?

What do you do, you ask? Visit a safari! While most safaris are based on certain trails in the forest, some-very few belive in keeping animals captive and letting them out at a particular time of the day.

By visiting a safari you could get a glimpse of an animal in its natural habitat. Though you would just get a glimpse of them, trust me it is worth it. In the safari, you’re the one that’s caged. Don’t like the idea do you?  Don’t worry its for a couple of hours.

Though you may not get to see every animal that exists in a safari, watching these few animals at their home will give you an overwhelming sense of relief.

In India, here’s where you could go:

1) Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat- To see the Asiatic Lions, ofcourse!

2) Corbett Tiger Reserve or Ranthambore National Park- you could run into a bunch of Bengal Tigers here.

3) Kazhiranga National Park, Assam- The one and only home of the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros

The map, below, shows all the wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Map showing sanctuaries in India
Map showing sanctuaries in India

Image: MapsOfIndia


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