7 Tips to Pulverize Jet Lag

Afraid of the crankiness and the sleep deprivation that rules the first few days of your trip? Not just is the long, cramped flight trip annoying, but now you have to deal with jet lag as well. For those who dread the jet lag before enjoying a serene or exciting vacation, here are few tips to make it a whole lot better.

1. Adapt
If your schedule permits, slowly change your eating and sleep patterns to match the destination timings. Forward or rewind an hour each day until you are almost suited to the destination timings. This way, you’ll reach without Jet lag and be able to make the most of your vacation – sans the suffering.
Time changes
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2. Stay Hydrated.
Flight trips have the tendency to physically dehydrate the body. Moreover, without the constant reminder and the availability of water, we might just forget the consumption of liquids. But, this may just be a life saver. Keep hydrated, drink a lot of water and clear your system.
Water, water, everywhere…
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3. Sleep through the Ride
Nothing much to do during the long travel anyway. Catch up on some sleep so that you’ll be fresh when it’s time to arrive.
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4. Regulate Your Eating Habits
Usually, people are most worried about their sleep patterns while traveling. But eating habits can prove to be chaotic as well. Make sure that you begin eating frequent, light meals through the day instead of the three-meal-a-day schedule. Even on the airplane, make sure you eat in little bits while adhering to the destination timings.
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5. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol
Both coffee and alcohol dehydrate the body as well as alter sleep patterns. Avoid the consumption of both substances. If you’re someone who is addicted to the morning cup or the nightcap, make sure you limit the in take.
Wake up.
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6. Soak In the Sunshine
The first two days of arrival are the most tiresome. Try to keep your schedule flexible on the first two days. Sunshine helps to regulate your body’s patterns naturally. So go out, hide those dark circles with your shades and soak in the rays. By keeping yourself active through the day, you’ll keep the excitement going and eventually tire yourself out when it is bed time.
Sunny times
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7. Melatonin
This non-prescription drug¬†regulates sleep and may be a relief for those who just can’t seem to beat the jet lag monster.

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