Keep calm and pack your bags

Forget these things at your own peril

There are things you forget when you’re exploring the world. But if you’re a solo traveller, make sure you don’t forget these absolutely necessary stuffs.

  1. Your travel documents, whatever is needed and a copy. And keep a copy in all the bags you’re carrying, just in case (No one is going to judge you, I promise).
  2. Money, any kind and every kind. What on Earth would you do without it, anyways?
  3. Take a map! What if you’re on a hilltop or the middle of the jungle with no network? Can’t trust that GPS always, can you?
  4. A Swiss- knife/ Army-knife. For, well, it could be used for a lot of things you know. Just don’t carve hearts on the tree with it!
  5. First Aid and general meds for cold, fever and things like that. Your allergy meds too, if required. And some pain relief tablets and ointments.
  6. Ear plugs of course; creeky trains, kawing birds, it cuts all the noise out and gives you some heavenly sleep when you need it.
  7. That phone charger! We’re so addicted to that little thing buzzing constantly that we might not forget it, but do remember to activate the Roaming on your phone! And your Ipod, Mp3 player, though, I’d tell you not to take it; go enjoy your trip without all these things! (But, store a few important numbers in case of emergency.)
  8. Check the weather, carry things accordingly, but be prepared if the weather goes PMSing on you.

Bonus: An extra pair of clothes, just in case you chance a plunge into a pond or a river or something. Once you have these packed away in a light bag you can easily go and cure your travel itch! Last, but not the least, collect souvenirs and take loads of pictures, loads of them, from wherever you go! After all, you only regret the pictures that you missed 😉



Image Credits : Tumblr

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