ladakh bike trip things to carry

Things to consider for your Ladakh trip

1. Woollen Thermal wear. Sweater. Gloves. Balaclava (monkey-cap).

2. Windcheater. Raincoat or Umbrella. (Weather is unpredictable).

3. Woollen shawls.

4. Thick shoes with woollen socks.

5. UV Sunglass. Sunscreen.

6. Moisturizing cream. Lip balm

7. Neck rest. Eye mask (for convenience).

8. Portable battery charger.

9. Torch (and extra batteries).

10. Carry cash (few thousands) all the time.

11. Medications.

12. Post-paid phone connection (Out of state Prepaid doesn’t work in Ladakh, J&K).

Note: Always be hydrated; lack of water intake can aggravate altitude sickness. Along with water, some dry fruits and chocolates may be had as required.

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