• Crime and the City
    Culture,  TRAVEL

    Crime and the City

    We all love to travel. But then, there are some dirty, grimy places that we just must be careful about! Here are five remarkable and popular tourist destinations that have high crime rates.…

  • Eco tourism - an alternative to mass tourism
    Art of Travel

    Leaving behind footprints (Eco Tourism)

    Thinking of a long holiday? Why follow mainstream tourism? Why not think zara hatke! Nature tourism? Na. Adventure tourism? Na. Wildlife tourism? Na… How about Eco Tourism! Often named as the new catalyst for change, Eco tourism is something that is in vogue and…

  • Urban backpacking
    Art of Travel

    Backpacking like a true Hobo

    “Backpacking = Travelling or hiking, carrying one’s belongings in a rucksack.” Needless to say, backpacking is a pretty “non-Indian” way to travel. Be it a weekend’s trip to Manali we have GOT to…

  • River island

    River-islands, anyone?

    Going to island in the mid summer heat is a common thing to do, but ever thought of visiting a river island? Here are two places in India you have to go to…