Staying away from home wasn’t easy!

For a (would-be) solo-traveller, the first step…

Move out of your comfort zone. Start living away from home.

I wanted to live like a free bird, and so, I thought of moving out when I completed my schooling. I decided to leave my hometown and shift to Mumbai, as it is known as the “city of dreams”. And, I had quite a lot of dreams to achieve.

But, just a thought wasn’t enough. It was very difficult to convince my mom and dad. Holding courage I went to my parents to share this thought.

Parents: “What are you saying? We can’t let you go far away from us…you are not responsible enough to stay on your own…dreaming is very easy, but living this way is not everyone’s cup of tea…!”

Me: “I want to fulfill my dreams. That can happen only if I move out the comfort of my home! Just give me this one chance and I’ll prove it to you.

After endless discussions and convincing sessions, though….

Parents: “Live your life, but make us proud!”

That was the day when I moved into a new phase of life. I stepped out and started travelling alone. I started by travelling to the places nearby to Mumbai; I went to Lonavala to explore its natural beauty, an then, on to the next place, and then, slowly and steadily, I became more confident, and I started travelling miles away, all by myself.

staying away from home, not missing home, living my life, shefaliIn a year, people started seeing a change in me. When they saw my travel book, filled with all the reports and pictures, they realised I can do anything. And, since then, they began supporting me in every action. They realised, whatever path I’m on, was working well for me. But, weirdly, I was over loaded with mixed feelings. I kept asking myself, if I’ll be able to do this or should I quit everything and get back home? But, these quotes kept me going, “suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion”; “beginning is always the hardest…”

In the begining, it was really tough for me to get used to this new city, this mega city, surrounded with new people and their cultures. But, as time passed by, I was slowly getting into a rhythm.

And, I realised, this is the decision which I will be proud of, in the years to come. And, rightly so, it gave me the platform to travel the world alone with confidence. What a drastic change this one decision made: from a girl who was unable to even go to a local grocery store on her own, I can, now, travel to any part of the world on my own!

Staying away from home changed me and my life, completely.

Fruits of moving out of your comfort…

1. It made me an independent and responsible person.

2. It gave me the confidence to travel any where, any time.

3. It made me realise, life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

4. It changed me, and made me a totally different human being. A better one.

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