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Lipstick + Heels (Solo travel woman)

She : “I’m going on a vacation to Brazil!!”
They : “Wow” “That’s great” “With whom?” “How long?”
She : “I’m going alone. Solo. For a week, maybe!”
They : “Will it be safe?” “Aren’t you scared?” “Have you travelled alone, before?”
She : “Umm..”
They : ” This ought to be something quite brave of you!” “I would’ve never been able to travel alone! “
She : “Thanks.”
They : “What will you do all alone?”
She : “Enjoy myself, maybe?” 

solo travel
First step for a safe Solo travel

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21st century. Modern world. Modern thinking. We are supposedly breaking taboos. Breaking old traditions. Giving in way for equality, liberalism and free thinking. Women have stepped out of homes. Travelled the space. Made strides in politics, business and economics. But yet the society we consider forward thinking, many a times question us about our decision to travel by ourselves.
The world may be huge. It may be scary and unsafe out there. But that’s what THEY think! Travelling solo is generally considered scary by the ones who haven’t actually travelled solo! The people who say that this world is a scary place have hardly travelled the world! We women thus need to stop considering what THEY say at times and follow our heart. We need to stop waiting to be taken for trips or to be accompanied by others. We need to explore places ourselves. We need to listen to our gut feeling and take a solo trip at times.

women solo travelling
Capturing through cameras, but more importantly, etching in my mind!

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At the age of 19-20, when girls are supposed to be either studying or sitting at home and preparing themselves for marriage or learning the household chores, there are many Indian women, I know, who are breaking these norms. And, there are many other women who’ve made solo trips. The very moment you are reading this, there might be some women making a solo trip to some exotic destination!

women solo traveling
Exploring myself

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Travelling to unknown lands. Travelling with unknown people. Travelling by themselves. These women have not only been able to explore different places but also in the bargain been able to explore themselves! Come out of their cocoons. Defeat their fears. Meet new people. Make new friends. Breaking taboos. Challenging the odds.

Women solo traveling
To a distant place

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At first, the very thought of travelling solo may scare someone. May turn someone cold. But we need to step out of our comfort zones. We need to come out of our fears. Fear of being lonely or being left alone is something that haunts us all. But unless we break free from these fears we won’t be able to make big life decisions later on. If we can have women like Saina Nehwal (first Indian woman no.1 badminton player), Pratibha Patil (First Indian woman President), why can’t you be that first woman from your home taking a solo trip?

Women solo traveling
By myself, planning the next move!

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So all you beautiful ladies, take the plunge! Empower yourself! (Is RG listening? :D) Free yourself. Trust your instincts. Discover a new you! And most importantly, learn to love yourself, a bit more!

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