Mapusa Market in Goa

Shop. Sleep. Shop. Repeat.

Flea Markets are the talk of the season! A stroll inside them would even make a non shopper the most ardent shopper. Trinkets by local designers, handmade jewellery and artifacts, interior decor, clothes by not so well known but brilliant designers, and loads more. Tired of shopping? You could always sit in the empty space or the beach and listen to the local bands perform their best! Not just this, there are food stalls ranging from the local flavours to Thai to Tibetian! And there are usually bars too.


Started four years back to give budding artisans a platform to display their work, the Sunday Soul Santhe has come a long way in Bangalore. It happens on five Sundays a year in either of its two venues- ITPB Cricket Grounds or the Embasaay Riding School.

It just doesn’t bring together artisans, but gives the local bands a platform too. Environmental enthusiasts, like bonsai lovers are a common sight here. Jewellery made by quilling, and paper made show pieces, are one of the most new but exciting addition to the stalls in Bangalore. Start-ups selling phone and computer accessories are also a common sight here.

What would you do if the market isn’t around? There’s always Commercial Street, and Dubai and Tibet Plaza, off Brigade Road where you’d get everything from branded to local garments, jewellery, bags and what not.

One of the stalls at the Soul Santhe
One of the stalls at the Soul Santhe


What started as “hippie exchange” has come a long way in Goa. Goan beach side comes to life on these beaches.

The Anjuna flea market happens on Wednesdays from October to April on the Anjuna Beach. 6pm to midnight every Saturday night on the Arpora beach, that’s where The Saturday Night Market happens.

In addition to the usual, one can find talented hairstylists and tattoo artists here. Second hand items like bikes, cell phones, cameras, etc, are sold here. Silver jewellery, souvenirs and Goan delicacies are all sold here.

But the Mapusa Friday Bazaar is one the only authentic markets where locals from nearby villages sell homemade pickles, pottery, spices, etc,.

A bunch of things at the Anjuna Flea Market
A bunch of things at the Anjuna Flea Market



Flocked with tourists most of the time, the Delhi Haat is in south Delhi and is a famous for selling handicrafts- sandlewood carvings, camel hide footwear, pottery, etc. Most of the places there are known to make stuff within a matter of minutes and sell them. It’s a permanent market unlike its counter parts, so feel free to visit any day at any time. It even has an exhibition hall where shows and sales are held.

Chandini Chowk, one can’t finish the list of flea markets without listing this. It is one of the oldest markets and sells saris with detailed embroidery work, Indian delicacies, leather goods and other things. While here, don’t miss out on the mouth watering jaleebis!

Lanterns sold at the Dilli Haat
Lanterns sold at the Dilli Haat


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