Do you suffer from pre travel hitch?

Suffering from pre Travel hitch? (For Solo Travellers)

They say, problems are opportunities in disguise. Quite true; only, if you discern those problems!

Every time I get out of my home to travel someplace new, I’m faced with tremendous pressure.

1) Discouraged by my caring parents.

2) Affrighted (instilled fear) by them (and some “well-meaning” relatives).

3) Ridiculed by my friends.

They just don’t get the reason why anyone should ever travel alone! For the most ones, I know, travelling is within the safety of his group of friends or the comfort of his family. Not for me!

While most are excited by the prospect of, finally, getting a breather from their mundane lives, on the eve of my big trip, I’m animated by an altogether different prospect. My heart starts pounding out of control; there would be anxiety painted all over my face (even though I try my best to conceal it). All this because I am heading towards some unknown. I have no idea “what next” once I leave my home. Okay, maybe, I know as much as getting to the nearest train station, or bus station, but after that, “what next”?

Walking towards the nearest train station - pre travel hitch
Worry skewing my thoughts…

And this, “what next”, along with the fear-ingrained-care showered by the loved ones drive me closest to cancelling my trip. I must admit, I am pretty scared at this point. Almost petrified by the worries bombarding on my brain. As much as I try not to think over it, it nibbles at me; and then, it turns ugly. Then, I am unable to eat, or sleep….

I finally decide on taking a walk. I get out of my home, catch the evening breeze and things start getting a tad better, there on. I start breathing better. Then, my heart speaks out, finally, sensing freedom: “You are in this world to explore and learn…a ship maybe safest at the harbour, but that’s not where it’s meant to be!” And it all starts to make sense to me; my thoughts, magically, attain more clarity. “If I do not travel I only see a page of my life.” (Thank you, St. Augustine!) And, the pages are numerous, and I deserve way better than what my current situation has to offer me…!

I go back home and pack my bag. My drill is finally over. I am back on track. That anxiety has (somehow) turned into eagerness. And, I can’t wait to see what happens next…!

Image credits: WalidChris

Travel transports me to some euphoric placetime. Once there, I, almost, only, meet beautiful people; see places that fill me with pure bliss; and face experiences that inspire me to be more of myself. Then I go back home and write about them. Email: thehoboist[at]gmail[dot]com

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