The Catholic Church at Yercaud

Traveller, not a tourist! (Bangalore)

The first time you’re here you’d probably go by the tour guide and go to the places suggested. But what if you had to ask a local?

Bangalore, Karnataka

The garden city, as it is also know has quite a few parks/gardens to visit- Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh etc., Palaces? Yup, Tipu’s Summer Palace or the Bangalore Palace, as it is fondly called. Religious places? Yup, there’s one worth visiting at every corner. Restaurants? Loads of those here. Many who come here go to amusement parks, Wonder La and the Innovative Film City, which are just outside Bangalore. Bannerghatta National Park (don’t miss the tour of the lion-tiger park, also called the Saffari); a lot of lakes, and then urbanizing Bangalore, a lot of shopping malls.

But here are a few places you have to consider adding to your list, though on the outskirts of the city, these places are worth that effort and that extra mile, literally!

Dodda Alada Mara (The Big Banyan Tree) which is a two hundred year old tree loftily spreads its roots over 3 acres of land. Since, the main root of the tree met its end due to a disease; the tree now looks like a cluster on trees. Though the place is monkey-infested, a visit to this place will calm your nerves and the shadow it casts is sure to soothe your nerves and give you a peace of mind!

The Big Banyan Tree near Bangalore
The Big Banyan Tree near Bangalore


The Kendatti Lake, is a little away from Bangalore and closer to Kolar. A little right opposite the landmark Cafe Coffee Day, which is home to any one n a road trip, would take you to one of the most beautiful landscapes of the South. The clear water of the lake aptly mirrors the fifty shades of blue of the expanse of sky above, surrounded by tan brown rock mines; the place is nothing less than picture perfect.

The Savandurga Hills is a treat for the trekkers and adventure lovers, also the picnic-goer. Considered to be one of the largest monolith hills, it overlooks the Manchanabele Reservoir and is frequented by many a bird watchers and photographers. If you are looking for a bout of fresh air, this has got to b the place to go to!

The hills on a sunny day
The hills on a sunny day

Or you could always rent a cycle go around unravelling the place!

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Entering Yercaud, after the cold breeze brushes your cheek to welcome you, the first thing one would notice is the Yercaud Lake. A stay in the area for a day or two would not only take you to all the view points but also make you familiar with the routes the way you would be at your home town.

Yercaud apart from being one of the most beautiful hill stations of the South is also home to one of the best Orchid gardens in India. It houses the Ladies Slipper among other species, which is an insect eating orchid.

Being a favourite among the British, the place is home to many a beautiful bungalows and churches of the bygone era. The Catholic Church has one of the most memorable view of Yercaud, which is not just spiralling roads. The Church in itself feels very homely, but on the outside you could see scatted houses on the slopes of the terrace farmed hills.

One shouldn’t definitely miss a chance for a stroll to go around exploring the hills early in the morning when Yercaud is all dew and mist. Venturing deeper into the hill slopes you would see numerous coffee plants sprouting around every corner. A trek to any part of the hills in Yercaud gives you a better picture of the place than any of the viewpoints ever would. Don’t forget to go dirt biking while you’re here!

Coffee beans seen at a plantation in Yercaud
Coffee beans seen at a plantation in Yercaud

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