Movies for travel lovers

Movies for the travel-lover!

What do you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Slack off and watch a movie on a couch? Well, here is where you can use your beloved idiot box or laptop to your advantage. How should you do that?

You watch a movie, of course! Watch it and give yourself a break from being a couch potato and go travel!

Rang de Basanti!


Which one of us doesn’t remember this iconic movie, it’s the movie that moved us to tears. Made us dance, made us laugh, made us realise what friendship really was, and made us want to rip our shirts out and run the way Amir Khan, Sharman and the rest of the gang did.

But, where to go, you ask? The Mughal Serai or the Doraha Serai in Punjab! The once marvellous example of Mughal architecture is now in faded remains but it doesn’t fail to go unnoticed in the movie. The fort is the hang out of the protagonist and his friends, and the greenery around makes you fall more and more in love with this place! Even the song ‘Tu bin bataye’ is featured here.

This one’s for the adventure enthusiasts, The Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur! Who could forget the songs Khalbali hai khalbali or Paatshaala? The campfire by the little lake, and the plunge into the lake that gave the viewers goose bumps, was shoot here.

Rang de Basanti, shot at Punjab.
Rang De Basanti, shot at Punjab.



Lootera, shot in Bengal and Dalhousie
Lootera, shot in Bengal and Dalhousie


One can’t forget the era took us back to. The movie might have definitely made a lot of us here weep a bit at that unexpected ended nevertheless it was entertaining

and the songs were melodious, and the scenic background, would definitely make one want to take a stroll there.

The movie is shot in West Bengal. The beautiful lakes of Hooghly, the houses of the lost era, are something to look out for(Cue: The song ‘Sawar Loon’ was shoot here).The second half of the movie beautifully maps the different faces of Dalhousie. The town named after the British Governor-General is in Himachal Pradesh, is the summer house of the Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha). The town transforms from a lively green grasshopper into a blanket of white.


Jab We Met!

This bubbly romance between Shahid and Kareena is etched in all our memories. Remember the song ‘yeh ishq hai’? Yes that one, the festive life of Himachal came to life was shot mostly at Rohatang Pass and Naggar Castle.

Those beautiful road trips and the stopover at the Mandawa village is nothing short of a colourful treat to the eyes (Cue: The song ‘Hum jo chalne lage’)


Jab We Met, Naggar Castle
Jab We Met, Naggar Castle


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani!


This one is a treat for the travel lovers. Ten minutes into the movie and you’d already be jumping around to cure that travel itch.

Want to relive ‘Balam Pitchkari’? Manali, Himachal Pradesh is the place to be in then! The Gulaba temple, the gullies of Manali are something one would immediately relate to this movie. And there’s the white blanket that’d anyone would want to go to at least once that’s in Gulmarg, Kashmir.

This movies also plans out the dream wedding for every soon to be bride (Cue: Kalki’s wedding in the movie was shot here). Where? Rajasthan, that’s where. Udaipur, to be precise. And that colourful fair where Deepika and Ranbir go shopping? That’s Bagore ki Haveli. But that’s Rajasthan, vibrant and full of life at any given point of time.

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Image : Flickr, Minimal Bollywood, Flickr (LA)

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