How to make a Great Travel Journal

Most travelers like to maintain a journal of their activities during their travel journey. Maintaining records of the trip is a great way to reminisce and remember the trip. Each traveler has his own way of recording the moment. Some of us write it down in a travel diary, some of us take pictures, some take videos and some update their activities on micro blogging sites. I recently found the mobile application “Snapchat” to be an amazing travel companion with respect to recording the moments.
For those who aren’t familiar with Snapchat, it’s an app that let’s you send self-destructive images and videos (of 10 seconds) to your friends. This is helpful because you can send all sorts of pictures and videos to your friends and it would neither occupy space on their phone memories, nor can they hold an embarrassing shot it against you.
Although, there are better apps in the market that offer more customized travel options, here are reasons why Snapchat is a great travel companion.

1. Most of us are avid users of this app and since we already have it on our phone, we won’t need another app. Also, you can easily share travel updates with your friends, on-the-go.

But first lemme take a selfie

Photo: Flickr

2. It’s easy to use: shoot, add filters, caption, save, and share.


A view of Middle Earth while flying
Middle Earth

3. Snapchat allows you to record videos that are exactly 10 seconds long. Although 10 seconds seems like an extremely short period of time, it is in fact enough to capture the essence of the location, if you plan the shot perfectly. Within 10 seconds, you would be able to cover the most important parts and not be bored by the unnecessary bits.

4. Snapchat has a great number of users and it’s level of privacy and a sense of security is much higher. The user won’t have to socialize with unknown people and can choose the friends they would like to share with.


Girls and their Selfies
How can anyone not love a legitimate reason to send selfies?
Photo: Flickr
5. Snapchat has some neat features:
> You can caption your pictures and videos so that you’ll never forget where, when, what, and how it all happened.

World's Steepest Railway, Katoomba
@Katoomba, Remembering to Snapchat after every experience
  > Snapchat has two basic filters. Although they don’t add much to the picture, sometimes the pictures look good with the filters.

Lady Bowen Waterfalls
Fall and Ride
  > Snapchat let’s you add the current temperature in your locality to the image or video. So whether you’re freezing in Switzerland or burning in Egypt, you can record that too.

Temperatures in New Zealand
To beautifully inverted season
  > You can also add the exact time at which anything was captured. This way, you’ll remember the differences between your sunrise and sunset adventures.

Morning Rainforest Walk
Ain’t no tripping complete without sacrificing some sleep
  > You are free to doodle around your pictures and videos. So let those creative juices flow!

$100 Dollar Bill with Doodles
Benji doesn’t look too happy
  > Snapchat also introduced a cool feature known as the geofilter that senses your location and let’s you add a design with the name of the city or locality you are in. It is both pretty, and is certain evidence that you have actually been to the place.


Melbourne Cricket Ground
How else can we identify a stadium that could be anywhere?
  > Lastly, the feature known as Snapstory allows you to view events from many different venues around the world and contribute to it too. It is also very useful to follow other travelers and check out their snap stories for inspiration to do interesting things in your own life. Some interesting snapchatters are @mplatco, @shonduras and @jaredleto (he’s cute, talented, famous, and he travels!) <3

After all of that, it’s sad to say that the app is currently only available on Android and iOS devices. Too bad, Windows and non-smartphone users. I’m sure you can always carry a book, pen and a Polaroid camera. One of the other negatives is that you’d need a good internet connection on your phone to use this app to the fullest (to share, receive and add geofilters), but you can always save the pictures and videos you shoot. Then again, every smart phone craves super fast mobile data.


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