Eco tourism - an alternative to mass tourism

Leaving behind footprints (Eco Tourism)

Thinking of a long holiday? Why follow mainstream tourism? Why not think zara hatke!

Nature tourism? Na. Adventure tourism? Na. Wildlife tourism? Na…

How about Eco Tourism! Often named as the new catalyst for change, Eco tourism is something that is in vogue and also considered as an alternative to mainstream tourism.

We often take back photos, souvenirs, stories and lots and lots of memories from our holidays. But have we ever thought of leaving behind something there?
Ah! Yes! Completely ignored the fact – We do leave behind things! Pollution. Waste. And much more! Why not leave behind only footprints?

Eco tourism


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Eco tourism is espoused widely as a tool for conserving nature. It not only helps in nourishing the biological diversity but also one’s soul!
After knowing that, I too have contributed my bit or made an attempt to minimize the adverse effects caused by the negative impacts of tourism, wouldn’t that bring a gush of happiness down that tiny body?

If you do a Google search to understand the term ‘Eco tourism’ in whole depth, you’ll come across a number of definitions! Nature based. Environment based. Culture based. What you find in common in these definitions is that, they all are seen echoing the same sentiments – less destruction of our nature’s resources!

Eco tourism helps the tourist receive complete satisfaction by providing him/her an environmentally educative background of the tourist destination and also the need for a break. It thus helps in maintaining cultural, physical and social integrity.

As the types of tourists and forms of tourism have changed, the focus too needs to be shifted from economic and marketing justifications towards considerations of the environment and also it’s cultural implications. Sustainability is thus, the need of the hour. Tourism that includes sustainability is not only ‘ecologically’ sound but also respectful of the needs of the tourists involved. Eco tourism is one such form that attempts to be sustainable. You name it and it is inclusive of all! Attributes of – ecological and socio cultural integrity as well as responsibility and sustainability!

Eco tourism has today managed to hold it’s grip on ‘Global tourism reality’ and thus also shows us no signs of diminishing in popularity. So all you green-life fans as well as others, eco-tripping kab jaa rahe ho?

Eco tourism


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