Learning to Enjoy those Loooooong trips

Any kind of long trip – train, bus, flight or car – can be maddening. Not all of us can afford first class and luxury coaches, so that’s cramped leg room for 10 hours, and nothing to do. While you’re stuck within four walls, listening to that annoying kid cry, and regretting the decision you made to go on the non-stop trip, here are a few things that might just improve your journey.

 1. Books
Always, always, always carry a book. Everyone knows this. Everyone does it. Even if they’re not quite a reader, everyone carries a book along with them, hoping that the boredom of travel might motivate them to read. Got a book you have been trying to finish reading? Friend suggested an excellent book that you didn’t have time for? That goes in your backpack.

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2. Headphones
Although the airlines company will vehemently deny it, their earphones/headphones are the most unhygienic devices ever. Carry your own pair of headphones. Listen to a bit of music. You can even get creative and make a travel playlist filled with your favorite songs that can be customized according to destination. This is the most helpful tool to tune out the rest of the world and travel in your own little bubble.

Headphones on a bus

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3. Sleep
Although it’s easier said than done, it is the most hassle-free way to pass time. If you manage to catch proper sleep, you’ll feel more refreshed, less cranky and not that desperately in need of coffee.


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4. Gadgets
If you’re a smartphone user or own a tablet, congratulations! You can successfully pass the time quickly. Before the journey, remember to load the device with apps or games that might keep you occupied. If you’re not the Candy Crush kind, there are apps for Crossword and Scrabble as well. If games are not interesting enough, you can always load up the device with ebooks or movies, videos, and shows to watch.

Man on his phone

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5. The Window
> Flight
Usually in shades of black or blue, there is nothing much to see out the window, right? Wrong. The take-off and landing aren’t the only times the world looks so beautiful. When you fly above land, day or night, the spectacular aerial views will blow you away. You could spot rivers and deltas, roaring volcanoes, multicolored mountain ranges and blazing concentric circles of cities. The sunset and sunrise are something else entirely. The range of colors illuminating the clouds is breathtakingly gorgeous. So make sure you keep the window open and take in all those scenes.

Aerial View of a river

> Train
As the images zip past, the world is a blur. So many sights to take in at once. Let your imagination run and soon you’ll be making and hearing stories. People watching is equally rewarding. Even Harry Potter was written on a train. There’s nothing better to do on a train than look out at the marvelous panoramas.

Blurred Train

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> Bus/Car
Slightly less rewarding, looking out of the window is still more interesting than looking inside the coach/car. Although it may seem boring, you might just catch glimpses of some bizarre events. From random structures to neon painted houses or an eagle attacking a crow, you may never know what surprise lies hidden around the corner.

A Road Avenue

6. Me time
Imagine this to be your special time. This is when you can take some time off for yourself, ponder questions about life, introspect and just be at peace with yourself. If you’re willing to go to the extent, you could even have a secret little glass of wine and relax, while passing the time. It is not necessary for you to do anything, just enjoy your own company.

Rainy Window

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