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How Solo Travel changed my life!

Travel is a fun thing and, now a days, it is becoming the favourite hobby of many! One that gets them peace and relaxation.

Travel solo?

Usually, people prefer travelling with a companion, but that is like squishing the essence out of it. I have always enjoyed the safe travels, along with family and friends, but the day I started travelling on my own and became of part of the exclusive group of solo travellers, my life simply changed.


  1. Solo travel provides endless opportunities.
  2. We can make our own itineraries without being dependent upon anyone.
  3. Can talk to so many strangers and that might lead to many amazing friendships!
  4. Gives a chance to know about different cultures different languages.
  5. Even gives the liberty to be a free bird.
  6. Teaches me to become a responsible person, and a lot more….

When I am alone, there are no limitations. I can go north or south, by ship or by train, I can just sit beside the street for the whole day and watch the world go by. There are no rules, no one hour lunch breaks. There’s no one else to worry about and no one checking up on me. I can eat whatever I want and sleep wherever I want. For once, I can finally just ask myself what I want to do today, and then do it! 

Try it, yourself. In the process, you’ll learn things about yourself that will surprise even you.

Solo Travel changed my life!

Along with a companion, travelling is an easy task, but travelling with yourself, alone, is an experience to cherish! It teaches you a lot and even helps you to know about yourself much more.

Travelling alone has, probably, been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I feel like a completely different person. I believe in myself now. I can depend on myself. I’m not afraid to chase my dreams, and try and build the life I want. If something seems hard or awkward, I’ll do it anyway. Failure propels me. I want to learn and grow. I see everything differently than I used to, and I don’t need any particular thing to have fun. When I need to, I am able to simply sit in silence and just enjoy my company. The world has become a completely different place for me.


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