How to make a Family Road Trip fun?

Family Road trips are cost efficient and can be incredibly fun…that is, until we become bored and start bugging the life out of each other. Locking up the family within a metal enclosure for hours together can prove to be either disastrous or lead to exceptional family bonding. So, how do we make sure the children don’t start biting each other or start with their “Are we there yet?” or worse, distracting the driver?

Here are a few fun things to do that might just generate harmony in the family (at least for a few hours).

Children in the Car
Boy, this is going to be fun…

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1. Sing Along
This is a little bit of extra work, but definitely worth it. Create a playlist of all the family songs – the childhood tracks, the classics, the songs your children love, the special occasion songs, the songs that all of you know the lyrics to – and encourage singing in the car. Scream at the top of your lungs and screech like a whale, you’re in a speeding car now, no one is listening.

 2. Antakshari
The traditional song game that every Indian family knows and loves. If this game is too stale, give it a makeover, like these:
> Antakshari with a set theme, such as songs regarding flowers or songs with a particular word.
> Take the game to the next level, where the next song must start with the same word that the last song ended with.
> While singing songs from movies, you can change the game by picking the next song with one of the actors in the previous song.
Car Stereo
“Not loud enough!”

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3. 21 Questions
This game can be played with all sorts of themes – sports, songs, people, movies, etc. Generally, it’s Back seat vs. Front seat with one team asking the other questions, to prevent cheating. The general game rules apply.

4. Spotted
Pick a common road sight each, for example, white car, black car, dog, stop sign, building with glass, etc. For every one of these spotted, the person who picked it gets a point. This way, a lot of noise isn’t made and everyone’s eyes are open.


5. Story Building
Start narrating stories. Keep going until you can, and when you’re exhausted, the next person takes over the story and keeps it going. The more interesting the story is spun, the less sleeping and annoyance happens.

In the Car
“Ugh. Is it our turn again?”

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