Emotional pain versus physical pain

Emotional pain is nothing as compared to this!

The physical pain has always been undermined by the emotional slut. Kindly excuse the term. Never mind.

There was a friend of mine who was suffering from cancer. She would have her radiation therapy, every day; and at night, she would be alone in her room, tearing her bed sheet to shreds. The pain gnawing at the back of her head would make her do so.

“The emotional pain is nothing. Whoever said that emotional pain is the most hurting, hasn’t had a real physical pain! I feel my skin being peeled off from my scalp, every single day. I haven’t gotten used to this in so many months, now. It is real, and it takes the better of me, and every single time it hits me, it hits me effing hard!”

And then it dawned on me. If physical pain is so powerful, and so much stronger, it can certainly salve any emotional pain. I had recently separated from my boyfriend of four years. I was devastated. I was about to marry that guy, who simply left me, out of the blue. All of a sudden, he wanted a religious girl, a God fearing one. Whatever the hell that means.

I was shattered when we made love that day, and he offered me a friends-with-benefits status. Sleazy bastard. I ran away from his place, barged into a taxi, rushed to my flat and burst out into the loudest wail.

A bleeding heart is a hurt heart.
My heart is bleeding: Emo me!


For days I was rendered limp and docile, and antisocial…and I wanted to get it over with…. Then one of my friends suggested ‘hiking’. It was a casual suggestion, but something about it hit me. I decided to give it a shot. Initially I acted all busy, but as time passed, I knew I had to get out of my room. Asap. And I left for a mountain nearby.

With every strenuous step I took, every feet I gained in altitude, I felt my heart becoming lighter, beating with a renewed vigour, unseen before. The sweat effusing from my body seemingly quelled the melancholy on my face and a soothing scent of jasmine, out of nowhere, flooded my nostrils.

I reached the top of the mountain. I saw the world beneath me….

I see the world beneath me; on a mountain top
World is more beautiful after a strenuous hike!


Looking back, I guess, it worked, strangely. And I got myself a new, healthy hobby.

Ps: By the way, that friend of mine got rid of her cancer.


Image source: Flickr, Lorello, Petri

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