Post travel blues

Depressed when your trip comes to an end?

I must admit, I do get them. The dreaded post travel blues or post trip blues, or, whatever!

How eagerly you were waiting for the trip; every day you were counting, leading up to it, and then, all of a sudden, it is over! Just like that. However much you want to sustain that blissful period, it would just float away from you…into oblivion.
Every one of us has experienced this feeling at one point in time; the day you reach back home from a memorable trip to Europe or South East Asia or even to our very own Seven Sisters!

Here are some thoughts to lift up your spirit.

1) Think of all the new experiences that you’ve had. The new friends that you’ve made who have opened their homes to you, for anytime, whenever you might choose to go back!

post trip blues, post travel blues, new friends, missing friends
So many new friends!

2) Think of the stories that you could share with your buddies…the glimmer of awe in their eyes as you animatedly demonstrate a weird incident.

Sharing stories from travels and trips. nostalgia.
Sharing stories that people listen to.

3) You know, most people, about 80%, hardly take a vacation in a year. You are one among the lucky few who can afford to take them.

No vacation. Sad employees. travel. trip
No vacation.

4) The new point-of-views (POVs) that you develop can help you see the world around you differently. Even your very “familiar” neighbourhood would be perceived differently (in a brighter hue).

A new perspective. Bright future. travel. trip. vacation. holiday.
A new perspective.

5) Lastly, plan for the next one. Yeah! Nothing beats the thrill of planning for another vacation. So what if you’re just back from one, the next one is always around the corner! 😉

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Travel transports me to some euphoric placetime. Once there, I, almost, only, meet beautiful people; see places that fill me with pure bliss; and face experiences that inspire me to be more of myself. Then I go back home and write about them. Email: thehoboist[at]gmail[dot]com

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