Crush on a fellow traveller

Crush on a fellow Traveller?

There are these unsung crushes from every travels that make you wonder how your life would have panned out had you been in touch with them after that one blissful moment of serendipity. The thought gives me goosebumps!

Her deep pair of dove eyes certainly would tail me for the times to come. We would exchange sly glances without anyone around us noticing (so we assumed), while the train dallied on the rails. I was on the upper berth and she, on the lowest. Her silky stream of long hair, her petite red lips, her teeth – small and awkwardly placed – lined in a perfect charm of their own, and her long nose: all I would have of her were these images in my mind; teasing me with every fleeting thought.

Months later, she would fade away. And, the next journey beckons. Another beautiful girl leads me into a fantasy, and the same story repeats itself, all over again. But, those moments, I realize, were pure; the girl was the perfect one I could love at that very moment!

The situations may change, but the moments remain true.

Another person becomes memory, and another memory tingles my heart. This is life, no? Being in the moment, as if YOU are the creator of the moment….


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I'm a freaking HOBO, in the truest sense, or at least, that's what I think! Enjoy travelling with myself wherever possible. I believe being a girl is hardly a's all in your mind...and, screw you elders...whoever! I am a very sensitive person, and highly opinionated, too. Oh, and mostly, I dance to my own tunes. Love.

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