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5 Reasons why a career in doing what you love may not be a good idea

I have been doing what I love for the past several years. Travel.

Going to a place that prods my interest, finding a random gig there (bartending, waiting tables, assisting a local priest, you name it), interacting with the locals, and moving on in search of a new place: all these give me a tremendous high, sure as breath, but I can’t see myself being forced to do this to earn myself a living!

1. Love = no pressure. When you are depending on doing what you love, for your survival, you, unwittingly, put a lot of pressure on it. You may then start disliking it, even!

2. Love = freedom. Freedom is essential for anything to blossom into its truest form. When there is no pressure to do something, you can pursue that something with utmost bliss, and thereby allow it to surprise you in its own beautiful ways. [When I first began travelling, I had my engineering job to take care of my expenses. I had disliked engineering, anyway! 😉]

3. Love = no fixed schedule. Once the pressure of meeting your expenses is out of your way, you can afford to not have a fixed schedule with doing what you love. As they say, love happens! [Of course, consistency is essential in anything that you do, however, you should not force yourself into doing something just for the sake of doing it. I hear some, published, authors urging the aspirants to do 2000 words a day, or 3000, or even 4000! This is insane! Just not one of their days!]

4. Creativity is underpaid. That is why! This is a well-known fact. Take any creative field, and I can’t emphasize on it any further.  [Only exception would be creating a business out of what you love. 😉 More on this soon!] Then, well, anything which we, humans, love doing would always be a creative process! 

5. What you love doing only satisfies the emotional part of you, not the logical! So, emotional = heart; logical = mind. And since both of them are the opposite sides of the same coin, tough luck with trying to satisfy them, at once!

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Travel transports me to some euphoric placetime. Once there, I, almost, only, meet beautiful people; see places that fill me with pure bliss; and face experiences that inspire me to be more of myself. Then I go back home and write about them. Email: thehoboist[at]gmail[dot]com

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