Urban backpacking

Backpacking like a true Hobo

“Backpacking = Travelling or hiking, carrying one’s belongings in a rucksack.”

Needless to say, backpacking is a pretty “non-Indian” way to travel. Be it a weekend’s trip to Manali we have GOT to invite 15 other people including that odd cousin of ours we hardly meet; then, book rooms in the best hotel we can find a month in advance and WOOLLENS, don’t even get me started on woollens. Backpacking is VERY different from all the social travelling that we have been patiently enduring over the years. For all the times we just want to kick back and let our feet take us where we want to go without the added hassle of lugging luggage around, or even people for that matter, backpacking is our non-traditional way out of all the premeditated nonsense.

You have to learn to make your own way around a new place. Get to now some locals, drawing the line at being a total creep, of course. Curiosity is good, and if you do decide to depend on a local driver to drive you around the best tourist sites be sure to do your research and keep a map handy.

Always remember, research is GOD.

Okay. Now, let’s talk about few places in India renowned for their backpacking sites.

1. Ladakh – Mind-blowing locales, friendly locals, the enchanting beauty of the Pangong Tso (lake,) fo example: the white sand and turquoise water – Ladakh figure at the top of the list of any ardent backpacker.

The Pangong-Tso Lake
The Pangong-Tso Lake


2. Dharamshala/ McLeod Gunj – Tucked away in the Himachal valley nestled among the Himalayas, McLeod Gunj, home to the Dalai Lama is one of  the most peaceful places to be in India. The hiking trails and waterfalls make it a backpackers paradise.

Fog descending on Mc-Leod Gunj
Fog descending on Mc-Leod Gunj


3. Goa – Sand, surf, music and the mellow beach vibe is what turns everyone who lands in Goa. It has remained a backpacker’s favourite destination through the years.

A Beach at Goa


4. Pushkar – This figures in the backpacker’s priority list because of it’s colourful culture, temples, religion and scenic beauty. Backpackers can tour the entire region by camel safari. Also, the Pushkar camel fair is a colourful burst of indigenous culture.

Pushkar Lake
Pushkar Lake


5. Varanasi – Situated on the bank of Ganges, the pristine city of bylanes that seem older than the world, itself, Varanasi has been a backpacker’s favourite since a long time. The Sandhya Aartis and the way the river lights up in the light of a thousand Dias are a few of the notable sights.

Early Morning at Varanasi
Early Morning at Varanasi

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