Baby gorilla: where can you find these endangered animals

Find these Endangered animals before they are no more!

Many, many animals are losing their homes in a bid to build ours. As much as this might come off as an essay, it’s the bitter truth. Spotting bisons, elephants, moneys, can be an easy task but here’s where you could catch the few special one’s which are on the verge of extinction, that is, the endangered species.

  • Royal Bengal tigers- Thanks to several NGOs and government initiatives, this guy can be seen in some national parks across India. With several forests being marked as tiger reserves, spotting them at particular times of the day may not be very challenging.
Tiger in Banerghatta, Bangalore
Tiger in Banerghatta, Bangalore

Photo: Wikipedia

  • Asiatic elephant- With poachers poaching these elephants for ivory, though visible around forests, these brave guys are on the verge of extinction. They can be seen at many temples in the South (Don’t forget to get blessed by them), the forest covers in the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka region, foothills of Himalayas in Assam, Meghalaya, Arunanchal and in Uttarkhand.


Photo: Britannica

  • Snow Leopards- These leopards are generally found camouflaged in the Himalayan regions. If you’re planning to get a glimpse of these leopards, the best time would be winter when they’d actually descend down from the trees. During summer, their ideal lounge would be somewhere high up in the trees.
Snow Leopard in the Himalayas

Photo :

  • South Asian River Dolphins- These long snouted-beauties were named the National Aquatic animal of India. With the water pollution on the rise, their numbers could be seen drastically decreasing. These can be found in the Ganges and the Indus rivers.


  • Great Indian Rhinos- Gigantic yet gentle, unfazed by the surroundings, these rhinos are the most splendid addition to nature. The one-horned rhinos can only be found in the Kaziranga National Park of Assam.
One-Horned Rhino in the Kaziranga National Park
One-Horned Rhino in the Kaziranga National Park
  • Red Panda– The lethargic little native of the Himalayas is largely confined to the North-East part of India. Slightly larger than cats, they feed mostly on bamboos, but eat eggs, smaller mammals and birds too. They’re arboreal are found lazing about on tree tops.


Photo: Wikipedia

  • Indian tree shrews– They resemble the Indian squirrels but are much different from them. They lack whiskers and have a pointed snout. These adorable little creatures can be found in the Himalyan foothills and in a little tip of peninsular India.


  • Sei whales- The fourth largest species in the world; these whales are grey skinned and about 19 meters long. They’re known to be found in the Southern-Indian Ocean

Sei whales

Photo: World Life

  • Hangul– Better known as the Kashmir stag, it’s found in Himachal Pradesh and In Kashmir. This huge brown deer with antlers than radiate sunlight till miles away are critically endangered due to the loss of habitat.


  • Asiatic Black Bear– Like the elephants, though these bears could be found everywhere, they’re still on the verge of extinction. Similar to many pre-historic bears, this species faces extinction as it’s poached for traditional medicines. It can be found in the forests of Southern India.


Photos: Bears Of the World, Flickr



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