Are there secret travellers from outer space?

Secrets travellers in space?

Imagine the world created by Asimov in his masterpiece series not being mere science-fiction. An inter-galactic empire where you can take a space ship, travelling at FTL speed (faster-than-light, for people who don’t understand Nerdish!) and watch a 3-D hologram movie of Fast & Furious 1342 (because, well, this series is not ending any time soon!) in their summer villa on some distant planet, overlooking the most beautiful piece of geographical wonder you may have ever seen, while munching on weird alien mushrooms. Travel companies setting up tours around asteroid belts and planets made of diamonds. Visits to lesser-developed worlds where you can observe, but not interact, in line with the non-interference prime-directive of Star Trek…

Ever wondered if we are one of those under-developed planets? That we are sitting on a life-bearing planet in middle of the Solar System, with technology that hasn’t had sufficient time to grow. That we have based our existence on the erroneous belief that we are all that can think in the universe. That there is an entire network of worlds that can interact with each other, visit each other, even us. An alien life may, at this very moment, be stuffing his backpack with comfortable A-shirts and extra underwear, hiding his galactic passport in a secret zip, neatly folding his return-trip ticket issued by Extra-Terrestrial Tours & Travels Inc, and updating his status on Face3Dbook.

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An Extra-terrestrial Facebook profile?

(Aliens may have summer breaks, but not much of humor.)

Alien Travellers?

There have been countless accounts of alien visits to our planet. Sadly, it has never been confirmed. We may not have any solid evidence of life in other worlds and we may not have it for a very long time. However, theoretically a lot is possible. Theoretically, there may be advanced life forms in some far off pockets of the universe and they may have technology that lets them travel light years away from their homes. Because, well, we can’t be the most intelligent species in the entire world. Have you seen our music videos!

Several arguments have been put forth by scientists and experts in support of the alien life. And the most important of them being the vast collection of absolutely inane music videos! Other than that the following have been stated:

  1. If earth can have organisms that can survive in extreme conditions of heat, cold, poisonous chemicals and vacuum, then why can’t we have such extremophiles live and evolve on others planets, too?
  2. Evidence of chemical precursors to life, i.e. complex organic compounds, have been found on planets and even on their moons
  3. Planet hunters have found hundreds of Earth-like planets in only the past 10 years. Imagine how many more there are still to be unearthed (unearthed! ;))
  4. The persuasive value of the incredible diversity and perseverance of life here, despite the numerous climatic, geological, and environmental calamities.
  5. The fact that we still don’t have any established definite theory on how life evolved on earth, means we have no basis to say that our theory disproves life everywhere else. What if the aliens themselves created life on earth, huh? Prometheus wasn’t that bad a movie!
  6. Water has been found on other planets, and its past existence has been strongly evidenced on Mars. And life on earth first originated in the seas too.
  7. The evolutionary theory states that life adapts to its environment, so it’s not even necessary for life bearing planets to have conditions similar to Earth to be able to support life.

Get set to meet some EXOTIC travellers, soon!

"Trip no further, pretty sweeting. Journeys end in lovers meeting, Every wise man’s son doth know." - Akansha Singh

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