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“I dream of a world where majority people offer great memories to others.” – author, Hoboist

About the blog


  • A hobo is someone who is unwilling to settle down; someone who travels, continually, working different jobs at different places; someone who spends most of his life in perpetual explorations.
  • Imagine the clarity of his mind; the naked mirth of his heart; with an, almost, omniscient perspective of life – O, the soul of a Hobo! Paraphrasing G.K. Chesterton, “a tourist sees what he has come to see, while a hobo sees what he sees.”
  • Hoboist is the spirit of a hobo. In other words, Hoboist is someone who inspires people to go, explore!

Evolution of Hoboist.

  • Since 2014, the author has inspired thousands of people to instill creativity into their muted daily lives; several other travel bloggers have helped him, along the way.
  • Most of 2016 was spent in arranging curated tours to exotic places for a few hundred, bold, travellers.
  • Humans learn from the work of other humans. Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” With this in mind, by late 2016, a new sub-category named “CULTURE” was added to help the typical traveller to identify their purpose in life.
  • 2017 was the year of startups, in India. Startup is a process of setting something in motion. So, a new category named “STARTUP” was added to support the traveller as they set out to fulfill their life’s purpose.
  • Go, explore the new Hoboist!

About the author


  • Anil believes that a true traveller can make you pause and relish the joy of a hoboist life, vicariously.
  • He started solo travel, at high school (c. 2004), when the typical Indian family considered travel to be a very risky thing to do, even in a large group.
  • He braved his family’s wrath and fears and met people from several different countries and cultures; stayed with some, and travelled with some.
  • Some of his adventures include the 16,000ft glacier living with Army men and professional mountaineers, jumping into a sea, 4km off the shore, without any gear, staying in 10/ night ashrams with random hobos, learning ancient healing techniques from a French-Nepali guru, getting robbed of his cellphone and wallet in a foreign country with no one to contact…
  • These experiences made him realise that there is more to life than being “successful” in the typical sense. Read: The curious case of fleeting happiness.

Why Hoboist?

  • After more than a decade of solo explorations, he created Hoboist.com to connect and share stories with like-minded people.
  • He receives several emails, every month, from passionate people saying “thank you”, or expressing desire to collaborate. He is very grateful for their love.

Life experience.

  • 14+ years of travel/ meeting various people has turned him into an “empath”; this helped him to create a tool for people/ companies to find their best-fit for any interpersonal goal (like hiring).
  • Apart from Travel, he is a perpetual student of Consumer Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology, Behavioural Economics, and Technology; he has 10+ years of experience in marketing, lead nurturing and client happiness – both, domestic and international markets.
  • On a given day, he is, either, trying to solve a business problem (mostly, something to do with identifying and optimising for a specific human behaviour) or planning his next travel.

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