“I dream of a world where people create great memories for others.”

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  • The capitalist society defines a hobo as an itinerant worker, a homeless beggar; in reality, though, a hobo is any free person who is no longer confined within the grips of the capitalist society:
    • someone who spends his life in perpetual explorations
    • who champions the most human quality of curiosity
    • imagine the clarity of his mind, with, almost, an omniscient perspective on life
    • imagine the naked mirth in his heart when he meets another of his kin, on the road – O, the soul of a hobo!
  • Paraphrasing G.K. Chesterton, “a tourist sees what he has come to see, while a hobo sees what he sees.”
  • It’s this hoboist spirit that inspires people to go, explore!

Evolution of Hoboist

  • Since 2014, Hoboist.com has inspired thousands of people to instill creativity into their, usually, muted, daily lives through unscripted, unedited, straight-from-the-heart posts.
  • In 2016, several curated tours to exotic places were arranged for a few hundred travellers.
  • Humans learn from the work of other humans. And, Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further than others, it is only by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” With this idea, by late 2016, a new sub-category named CULTURE was added to help people identify their life’s purpose.
  • Once you identify your purpose, the next step is starting up. This is not necessarily starting a business, but the idea of energizing a collective effort towards solving a problem aligned with one’s purpose. Collective, because great solutions are often the result of intelligent efforts of a group of people. Thus, a new category named STARTUP was formed in 2017.

About the author

Anil Mathew

  • He believes that a true traveller can make you pause, and relish the joy of a hoboist life, vicariously.
  • He started solo-travel around the year 2000, when the typical Indian family considered travel to be a risky affair, even, with a large group.
  • He braved his family’s wrath and fears and met people from different countries and cultures; stayed with some, travelled with some.


  • His experiences include:
    • 16,000ft glacier-living with gritty military men and pro-mountaineers
    • jumping off a boat, some 4km from shore
    • staying in ashrams with random hobos, contemplating life
    • learning ancient healing techniques from a Franco-Nepali teacher, who had also acted in one Hollywood movie
    • getting his phone and wallet stolen in a foreign country with no one to contact
    • ….
  • He realised, early in his life, that life is not about being successful in the eyes of the capitalist society, but being a successful tool for evolution.

Why blog?

  • After more than a decade of (mostly) solo explorations, he created Hoboist.com to connect, and exchange ideas, with like-minded people.


  • Years of meeting people from various cultures helped him develop a framework to better understand humanity. There is an app that makes use of it in helping people discover their purpose in life.
  • He works with businesses, both SMEs and Corporates:
    •  Data collection and analytics software
    •  Culture-based hiring and management solution
  • Apart from Travel (Hospitatlity), he is a perpetual student of Consumer Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology, Behavioural Economics, Engineering and Technology.
  • On a given day, he is, either, trying to solve a problem (mostly, something to do with identifying and optimising for a specific human behaviour) or planning his next travel.

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