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“I imagine a world where majority people create great memories for others.” – creator, Hoboist®

About the blog:

  • Hoboist is derived from the word “Hobo”
    • A Hobo is someone who travels, continually, for the sole purpose of exploring places; the kind that lives most of his life on the road. Imagine the clarity of his mind; the naked mirth of his heart, with an, almost, omniscient perspective on life. O, the soul of a Hobo! 
    • Paraphrasing G.K. Chesterton, “A tourist sees what he has come to see, while a hobo sees what he sees.”
  • Evolution of Hoboist®
    • Since mid 2014, as an exclusive travel blog, the author has inspired thousands of people to seek travel as a means to instill creativity into their muted daily lives. Several other travel bloggers helped him in achieving this dream.
    • Most of 2016 was spent in arranging curated, adventure-trips to exotic places for the lucky hundred bold travellers.
    • By late 2016, +Culture category was added to develop the typical traveller into a well-rounded human being who knows their purpose in this world.
    • In 2017, +Entrepreneur category was added to redefine sustainable travel and living.
      The author being a perpetual student of Consumer Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology, Behavioural Economics, and Technology, began to ask questions like, “how to be relevant for today’s smart and tech-savvy clients?”, “how to use technology to empower my team?”
    • Welcome to a new Hoboist.

About the author:

  • Anil believes that a true traveller can make you pause, and relish the joy of a carefree life, vicariously.
    • He started solo travel, at high school (c. 2004), when the typical Indian family considered travel to be a very risky thing to do even in a large group. He braved his family’s wrath and fears and met people from several different countries and cultures, stayed with some, and travelled with some of them to remote places. For example, the 16,000 ft glacier living in Sikkim with few Army folks and pro mountaineers, or diving 4km off the shore into Bay of Bengal with a bunch of hippies, or staying in 10 or $0.15 a night room with unknown nomads. But, above all, he realised that there is more to life than being “successful” in the typical sense. Read: The curious case of fleeting happiness.
  • After more than a decade of solo explorations, he created to connect with like-minded people.
    • Till date, he receives several emails, every month, from passionate people saying thank you or expressing their desire to collaborate in some way. He is very grateful for their love.
  • Apart from 14+ years of solo travel experience, Anil has 10+ years of experience in marketing, lead nurturing and client happiness – both, domestic and international sectors.
  • These days, he is, either, trying to solve some business problem (mostly, has to do with identifying and optimising for a particular human behaviour) or planning his next travel.

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