In our Hoboist family, we believe TRAVEL = Learning – Wisdom – Enlightenment.
A true Traveller can make you pause for a moment and relish the joy of a carefree life, vicariously. And, soon enough, you’d want to be a part of his world. No wonder, then, a Traveller is the best person to talk about LIFE!
At, we try to make that happen.
Why not join us (become family) and find out more? You may even end up picking some secrets from our insanely-curious, solo Travellers!
Besides, we would like to learn from you.

“I have always wanted to lead a life of a mountain man: hunt for food, and sleep on the lap of nature. I guess that’s what I’m doing right now!”
– a hobo from Kasol
Hoboist is derived from the word “Hobo”. A Hobo is someone who travels, continually, for the sole purpose of exploring places; a homeless vagabond, if you may; the kind that lives most of his life on the road.
Imagine the clarity of his mind; the naked mirth of his heart; an, almost, omniscient perspective on Life.
O, the soul of a Hobo!
Paraphrasing G.K. Chesterton, “A Tourist sees what he has come to see, while a Hobo sees what he sees.”