Are you a real man? Superman in love.

Are you a Real Man?

Just the last Sunday, I met a girlfriend of mine with whom I usually confide my “skeletons”. It had been a while since we last met. And quite true to herself, she had something new for me this time, as well! She was going on and on about some seemingly “new” breed of men. Something I had never heard of before. Some Real Men? What!

According to her, there are Boys, then Men, then Alpha Men and, the Real Men! At first read, it might seem like an invention of some pretentious omniscient, but when you read further and assimilate the idea behind these words, things start to become clearer. Just like it did for me.

1) Real Men are too busy for girl-hopping. They would be engaged in shaping their career, making themselves invincible, that they’d hardly find any time or energy to go after them, bitches! (The bitches may come to him, but he would have time for them! Sigh.)

2) It is difficult for RM to find a girl. Well, well, don’t get me wrong! Their confidence and chic, surely gets them a beeline of women to pick from, however, their heart would fall only for that right one, however tempting the ones in the line may seem to a neutral.


do you love me
Do you love me?

3) It is difficult for a RM to trust someone, but once they do, the concerned person can rest assured about finding a soul-mate!

4) RM thinks highly of themselves. No surprise here, huh?

Love thyself, first, and from thy bounty love others.
Love thyself, first, and from thy bounty love others.

5) RM love themselves the most. They are not a selfish lot, let me clarify, but a RM knows, if he doesn’t love himself, first, he cannot love his partner truthfully. After all, love flows from within, no?

6) RM are extremely passionate, and emotional beings. When they are in bed with their partner they would be at their wildest best. They ooze passion in whatever they do is what I mean to say. 😉

7) They are not Alpha Males. An alpha male tends to undervalue or disregard those around them. But a RM does so, never! Ever! He is a staunch guardian of his self-respect surely, but he is also empathetic to the hordes of humanity around him.

Real Man versus  Alpha Male
Real Man v/s Alpha Male

8) And lastly, a Real Man inspires those around him. If an Alpha Male commands respect, a Real Man goes a step beyond. He inspires the world around him to greatness. Under his humane aura of growth and support, any layman would be impelled to aim higher in his/ her life after a while in touch with him.

Until next time…hopefully, I would have found my real man, by then. Sigh.

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